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WordPress Marches on!

Yesterday was the day that the final release version of WordPress 3.0 made it’s way into the hands of those who wait for “final releases.”

Recently, one of the people who does a lot of lectures on Social Media wandered off the tracks long enough to say he wasn’t a web designer, but people should have their websites done in Joomla or WordPress of they are getting ripped off.

He is sort of right. Having spent since 1996 playing with websites, I’ll say he’s right if you need a functional, right away site to just say who you are and what you do. After that, his comments need to be modified based on what you need to show/display/convey about you and your business. You may need something beyond WordPress, or not.

If you’re on a limited budget, and/or you have time to maintain all aspects of you website, and that means learning about links, setting up categories, placing privacy policy statements, setting up webforms for contact info, and keep spambots at bay, then yes…WordPress is a suitable candidate for you.

In the meantime, communicate clearly what you need to your web designer and work with them. Know that the more you have thought about the content of your website before you talk with them, you will pay them less, as they won’t be spending time tracking your content down, and making change upon change upon change. That’s a money saving tip…you can use.

The great news is WordPress 3.0 has broken through the barrier of not just being a great blogging platform, but has “grown up” to be a fully functional “CMS” (Content Management System).

Questions? Contact me and let me help you see what’s best for your diigital landscape!

Random Bits From the Digital Trenches

Technology is creeping ahead…quickly. iPads are making it off the shelves in massive numbers, and…yes, there is a security issue. Interesting, isn’t it: The more connected we become, the more we are “exposing” our information. And, as the old saying goes, you can make mistakes with computers so much faster and many more times!

The “bad guys” are hard at work. About 6 months ago, people called me with “scareware” viruses and I could eradicate them in under an hour. Since then, a new wave has appeared, and they not only have a propensity to fake where they are installed, they also now find the more common anti-spyware database files on your systems and remove the identification data, so you can scan your system and they are not recognized. Net result: The “infection” hangs on longer and takes more effort to find and eradicate them. Are you practicing “safe computing?” If you don’t have anti-virus and anti-spyware and a firewall besides the one that comes with Windows, shame on you! By having those installed, you have a much better chance of not having to call me in to get you back to work, and writing me a check.

Smartphones. Geez….the iPhone 4 is very, very cool. That, along with the many others hitting the market, both in the Android and Windows based ones, cell phone band width will become an issue. We consumers will be amazed that “unlimited” plans really aren’t. In defense of the carriers, it takes money and technical expertise and time to keep the “backbones” upgraded for us to use. Think of it as road construction, and it’s going to be a massive rush hour. Just as we see our digitally connected worlds expanding exponentially, there will be the just one more customer that sends your connection speed down the tubes. It’s a problem of aggregation, not that one users.

Next issue: Apple really upped the ante with the “retina” display technology. Think you have a nice screen now? Think again. We have been living on display surfaces, both in the cathode ray tube and now the LCD/LED era, at resolutions of no greater than 75 dots per inch (dpi), at best…usually 72 dpi.

drool over this: 326 dpi! Math: 326/75 = 4.3X improvement in picture clarity. It used to be, I “thinned” out pictures for web use to 100 dpi, because above that, you couldn’t tell the difference, and it also less data to transfer, so the pictures on a web page loaded much faster. Now 400 dpi wil have to be the default standard for high quality on the net. That also means more data flying about, clogging the pipes. In actuality, it will be a while before we really have to worry about this, as only the really big corporations, and “bleeding edge” early adopters will have such displays, but maybe 5-8 years down the road, this resolution will become an accepted common standard. My prediction, not connected to anything I’ve read…yet.

WordPress is no longer just blogging software. It’s now a true “Content Management System” (CMS). I’ll be revamping the site one day, to take advantage of this functionality, but It will be a planned, staged retooling, as I see potential for dropping all the blog posts into thin air, if the right steps aren’t taken. I have a “sandbox” out there in the net, just so I can see what steps to take, in what order. Part of my self-educating process, so I can do it for clients.

Windows 7 is still doing well. I like it more and more. I still haven’t migrated my trusty workhorse, the laptop, but that is another staged, well planned event, so as not to come up saying “Hey! Where did ________________ file go?” Sort of like the locker room scene in “Top Gun,” where the “best of the best” discussed their first day of practice air combat maneuvers (ACM). That part of the locker room scene isn’t on YouTube…

There are a few notes from my world, to give you some insight into yours!

It’s a Jungle Out There!

Just a few thoughts from my world:

If anyone says they “know it all” about computers, excuse youself from the conversation and place their business card in the nearest shredder. I bet even Bill Gates wouldn’t even make that claim. I know some things about computers, some learned sitting up way to many nights trying things in programs or reading on the web, or hard copy books to find out how to make the computers do my bidding. I also know there are others who can do things better in some areas of the computing world, and I am constantly on the prowl for such people so I can build alliances with to provide better services to those I work with. My talent lies in figuring out how to use what’s on hand, and what is available to meet specific needs of individuals and businesses.

Here’s a basic condition any computer professional is up against: The possible combination of interactions between hardware and software is incomprehensible. While your system and software is with your daily, your set up is unique. If you are experiencing issues, your computer person will have to spend a little bit of time making sure they understand what your system is capable of (relates to many performance issues), what operating system you are using and if it’s updated, what security you have (or don’t on your system), how you connect to the internet, who provides your internet access service, and a plethora of other things, before they can begin to help find out why your system isn’t performing up to your standards.

You can save the most time you have to have one of use helping you by being ready to answer those questions, which may be a challenge if you have a hand me down system, but, more importantly, if you can say clearly what problem you are having and (here’s the key) what you were doing/trying to do when you had the issue come up. I promise it will be a much longer session if the only thing you can say is “my computer isn’t working right,” or “my internet is slow.” If you can say something like “every time I try to download a picture, Internet Explorer stops working” it will really help target the things someone has took look at on the way to solving your problems. Think of it as a real way to save yourself money when you’re paying for hourly billed help, no matter who they are. Better yet, when things start happening, if you can jot a few notes on what you were doing when the problem came, and what were the notices on the screen, or the way the computer improperly responded (like freezing up, or stopping a program) those will be exceptionally valuable (and time saving) tips for a tech to get you back to work. You may, in the course of taking notes, aslo find a pattern that points right at a solution, too. Once more, it saves you time, and therefore money.

Don’t worry too much about not knowing the right terminology. That’s our job, but if you capture specific error messages, it’s very helpful, especially when you aren’t on the other end of the 20 question, rapid fire exploration I’ll try to work through that isn’t for anything other than trying to get to the issue quickly, but I sense some people find intimidating. Think of such questions as the CSI detective arriving at the crime scene and all they want to know is what happened..

So, there’s a little of my side of the equation, and hopefully some help for you when you have to get someone to help you.

And, as a final note: Not everyone can possibly know everyting about your system the first time we show up, and it’s not becuase we are falsely representing ourselves, it’s just there’s a lot of possible combinations out there and how your system wrks (or not as this post discusses) is a unique circumstance that will take a few minutes to “frame” for the technician.

[Editorial note: This post was written on Tuesday afternoon and autoposted later. Try that on Blogspot…want to know more? Contact me for WordPress Coaching!]

Blogging from Your iPhone?

The times they area changin’

Some people are putting their heads together trying to figure it out using WordPress.

Hmmm…there’s the mention of that free blogging software with a very large user base, and a very active user forum, and a very active group of theme and plugin in developers….and iPhones…they’re all around. How many of your clients/potential clients are going to be using them?

Mark Your Calendars! Social Media in Marketing Seminar

August 27th, 2009 at the Pinellas Park/Gateway Chamber of Commerce, 5851 Park Blvd, Pinellas Park, FL 33781.

Walt Morey of Core Business Solutions will be presenting his seminar on the reasons you should get yourself into the digital world using social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, blogs, etc) to market your business.

I attended his last presentation and it was an excellent discussion of why you need to become involved this way, or you’re market will leave you behind.


What kinds of Marketing methods are you currently using?
Are they effective?
Are you reaching your desired customers?

The Baby Boomer Generation is now retiring. This means fewer customers for your business unless you are trying to reach those who were born in 1964 or later (Generation X, Generation Y, the Nexters, or the Millennials.)

These younger consumers get their information about products and services from Blackberries, the Internet and TV rather than magazines, newspapers, direct mail, etc. If you want to reach them, you must learn how to use Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Twitter, and others.

The Pinellas Park/Gateway Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to attend an introductory workshop on “The Use of Social Media in Marketing” on August 27th.
This workshop will be conducted by Walt Morey, Business Advisor and Owner of Core Business Solutions.

In this introductory workshop, you will learn what each of these types of Social Media is and how they are used. A small fee of $20.00 per participant covers the cost of training materials and a light lunch snack.

Please Note: Demand for this information is high and seating is limited to the first 20 individuals for this workshop so those interested need to call Donna at 727-544-4777 to register and reserve their seat.

You must be registered to attend.

Call Now To Avoid Disappointment

20 seats are avaialble! I know at least 4 and a possible 5th are filled already. Make the call.