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What are your customers saying about you?

What if they had a third party site to leave their testimonials for you?  Sounds like a great idea to me, but…once more, I’m behind the one who figured it out!  The person behind the concept is Darin Manis, and the foundational philosophy of it all is “Share the Good.”

Go and check this out:  eCompliments.  How about that?  A place to go and say nice things about people and businesses and institutions you interact with!  The best part?  Instead of pointing your prospective clients at your own set of posted testimonials, you could send them here, where a question of “is this biased in your favor?” goes away.  for that reason, this site is certainly one you should consider for integrating with your social media exposure plan, but….more importantly, use it to let others know the good experiences you had, and with who or where that occurred.

I was introduced to this site by Joy Fitzpatrick through the Free Networking International (FNI) meeting I attend weekly, during our “1 on 1” time.  She certainly is enthusiastic about bring this new concept to the West Coast area of Florida.

The site is free for basic use to take the time to compliment someone or something.  More information about the site is available at the blog, too.