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Windows 8.1 is out. Major issues are being uncovered.

Shades of the disaster of Windows Vista….and attempts to rejuvenate it. Again.

I blogged before, after using the beta version of Windows 8 and it’s recreated interface on the screen, commenting on how it’s not very functional without a touch screen, practically or ergonomically. Version 8.1 was supposed to address two major deficiencies that would cause corporations to turn they nose up and refuse to commit dollars to Windows 8: A “Start” button and the ability to get straight to the desktop, and allow users to do what they had been doing well since 2001 and the release of Windows XP.

One of my contacts is digging very deep inside, first Windows 8, and now Windows 8.1, not for sport, but because he works with lots of leading edge stuff for his own enjoyment, and has stumbled upon some disturbing things.


Seriously. He upgraded to Windows 8.1, had an oops, then went to repair the install. No luck. He’s a very advanced user and he could not make the Windows 8.1 repair function work. He could repair a Windows 8 installation, but not 8.1. He found out by redoing the disk with Windows 8, but then that meant all the installation of Windows 8.1 was gone. This is a showstopper, and if I’m needed to repair a Windows 8.1 install that has been done as the upgrade, well, it’s not going to be pretty, thanks to Microsoft and poor engineering/development and less than through testing.

Other issues that have come to light are related to drivers for the hardware not working. His equipment is from Asus and uses Intel CPU and support chips. The drivers from both Intel and Asus for various functions will not install, which means he (and anyone else with this equipment) will have less than optimum performance, at the least, and some lack of function of installed capabilities. He has just one step behind the top end system in generation (3rd generation Intel CPUs and Z77 chipsets), so it’s not like he’s trying to make some single core Pentium 4 run very advanced OS functions.

I’ll work with him to lay out more definitive symptoms, problems and what we can find (or not) for work arounds in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, don’t upgrade to Windoew 8.1 unless a computer professional has ensured you’re set to move forward, and not get stuck losing everything is a few system files are corrupted and need repair.