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Tuesday Tech Tips

Black Friday is coming….are you ready?

Just what do I mean by that?  Her’s some information on the basic cycle of the electronics industry tha will help you each year, about this time, to make some great decisions on how to spend your money.

The sales are great this time of year.  Beginning with Black Friday, you will see what looks to be incredible pricing.  Some of it really incredible if you want to get to the front of the store and camp out all night and be ready for the rush when the doors open.  Why?

Generally, new technology hits the market in late January/Early February.  New processors, new video cards, and all sorts of extra capabilities in existing equipment.  I suspect there will be plenty of “multi-touch” toys coming our way in the coming year, and possibly many more than just seeing two points of contact.  “Gesturing” will become more of a capability, as we find computers can recognize certain motions we can agree to have common meanings.  So, all this being said, why do I mention early 2010?  Simple:  You have to clear the warehouses and logisitics pipelines of the “old” stuff.  There you have a reason for the timing of the sales.  And…it also doesn’t hurt the retailers to make some bucks…

The deals will be good, on newly manufactured equipment, that may have been in the supply chain for many months now, and they aren’t even making that model any longer, but it has to be sold at the best price possible.  What will be on the shelves coming 1st Quarter next year?  New stuff, and some people will be lamenting 1)  Hey, I paid that much for a system that can’t do that! and 2) I got ripped off!

Well, if you always wait for the next best thing, you’ll never get to buy anything.  So…take you lumps, and know this:

  • You get to write it off for this year, if it’s a business related item.  That adds back some of the value
  • For most people, unless you must be on the bleeding edge of capability, you probably got a perfectly capable system for your needs.  If all you do is basic office type documents, and email, and use something like QuickBooks, you’re fine.  Most of those programs don’t demand even a portion of the computer’s power you have right now, that you are replacing.

Bottom line:  If you need a new system for routine business work, shop this holiday season and go for it.  If you need the cutting edge, at least wait until ‘the cutting edge” is the majority of what’s on the shelves come early next year, then buy it.  Some of that equipment is available now, but it’s very pricey still.

Bonus information:  You can have all the “cores” in the world, but there is a very limited amount of software that will use more than one processor (core) at a time.  It will be sometime before multi-core functional software is mainstream, so short of doing very high end video/photo editing, two cores are fine for just about everyone.