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Driving the Traffic Bus

Unlike others who teach people how to blog, I’ve found my approach is “content centric.”

If the words your readers see are pretty much the same simplified message on every other site like yours (read “competitors”), what are your odds of ever hearing from them to provide your service or product?

If you’re unique, then it’s not as much of an issue…..or is it?

Who is your voice?  Someone with a keyboard, and 30 minute discussion of your decades of expertise, or is it someone who is intimately familiar with the topic (a key employee/senior manager/partner), or is it you?

One of my constant coaching techniques is to tell beginning or struggling bloggers to get out there and become a valued member of other blogs and/or forums.  In my normal reading cycle late yesterday, for my enjoyment, I had the opportunity to comment on a post elsewhere and then link tow of my posts from 2005 (not here, on the blog where I learned how to blog).  I just took a stroll to my hit counter and found I have now have almost 100 readers since last night come to one or both of those stories and they sayed around, also reading related items, or going to the blog’s home page.

Exposure.  Sharing.  Write it and they will come, sometimes with a little prompting, but it appears they enjoyed my sea stories from back into the 80s I chose to share.

How well are you driving your traffic bus?  Need some “driver’s ed?”  Leave me a comment, I may be able to help.

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