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Do you have a strong password? Do you use it a lot?

Here’s the reality of our digital lives: We have lots of online accounts and they need passwords. Many people use ones that are easy for them to remember, and tend to use sometimes only one.

How does that affect you? Well, think about this: Once “they” get the one, then you’re life can be laid wide open to those interested in digging further. Since it’s not uncommon for sign ins to be your email address….someone (or a programmed crawling robot) could just travel the known email universe and common places like FaceBook and give it a whirl with your email and a common, made once, used always password of yours.

That’s bad enough, if you are in this category, but even if not, there is now an article that brings to light the technology that allows gamers to get really life like graphics, and for scientists to explore climatology, cancer, and signal from space, is also being exploited by hackers.

I invite you to take this introduction, and read as much of the ARS Technica “Why passwords have never been weaker—and crackers have never been stronger” and read it until you are sufficiently convinced you need to take action to protect yourself by putting some effort into your password selections.

Yes, this will take some mental energy, and changes to your daily digital operations, but….I’m sure you wouldn’t want to wake up to a screen full of mail, indicating your email has been exploited and your bank accounts have been emptied, etc, etc, etc.

Please help protect yourself!

Tuesday Tech Tips

My email box has had some intersting mail the last few weeks.  Actually more than one has had interesting received mail.

I have had many in the last week that say my Facebook account has had changes, needed to be closed down/needed verification….and then “the attached file will fix this,” or words to that effect.

Now, not having a Facebook account yet makes it relatively easy for me to get the antennas up and operating right away, suspecting foul play.

I’ve also received email from “IRS.”  I have always gotten letters from IRS, but…maybe they have popped into the electronic age without personally notifying me.  Same sort of thing:  “Click on the attachment to…”

What does this mean?  For one thing, it’s another wave of computer infections for you and I, the “good guys.”  The thing it also means is if you’re not reasonably alert, a little thing like this may well trip up you up, especially if you do have one of the accounts being mentioned (I’d be especially alert for Facebook items right now).

Thig before you click on that attached file.  “They” (the “bad guys”) are still creative as ever at “marketing” their methods to get you to “buy in,” usually to let your computer become a Zombie SPAM emailer.

Attachments are not bad things, if you know who they are coming from, and what they are supposed to be (sometimes freinds can forward something by accident/lack of fully scanning their own mail first).

Hopefully, mail like this is heading straight to your junk folder, but not all of mine is, so my tip for the day is to stay on top of email that looks out of place.  A hint is if the email for that social media site comes to an email address you don’t use for it, it should be your instant red flag moment.

So…let’s be careful computing out there!