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Put down the mouse and step away from your computer – SLOWLY!

This is way too good to wait until next Tuesday. You used to use a pencil the size of a horse’s leg. Then you got a pen, then a “keyboard” *1st on a typewriter, then on a computer), and along came the mouse (“pointing device”). It took a bit to transition, didn’t it? Now, many use the keyboard little, as most applications are pretty much driven by the “pointing device.”

Ok, now, take a deep breath and see what’s in the not so distant future for “interfacing” with your computer. From Microsoft, the Natal:

Update 7/15/2009: And, see some applications already in the works using this technology:

Update 7/16/2009: It’s not just planned for the XBox, either…Microsoft already is planning on a PC “takeover,” too.

Update 7/17/2009: And…after a camera/mic that figures this all out…mind control isn’t as far off as you may think. So simple a simian can do it. Think Bill Gates can?