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So You Want Your Own TV Channel…

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Video.  Google ranks it above blogs and websites (in that order).

Many people would rather watch a video, than read the text that says the same thing.  The can do it while “multi-tasking” and can put their eyes on it, or not, to fit their style of absorbing the info.

Others want the text, as they and scan and extract what they need, usually in far less time than it takes to watch a video, or even listen to the audio file.

And, trust me, one day, not so far off, search engine technology will be able to scan the audio of a video and make it searchable, so, what’s not to like about going the video route these days?

There are plenty of video outlets out there, YouTube being the “brand name.”  Many are free, too.  Some you can pay for more time/services/capability, but how long is the maximum time you can use?  For YouTube, without paying, you’re stuck at 10 minutes.

Here’s the big question:  Is that enough for you, when you’re beyond the “marketing mode,” and into delivering serious content?  For many professionals who counsel, teach, train or coach, the answer is no.  On top of that, you face challenges in protecting your own intellectual property.  When you upload to just about all the popular, and even less well known “free” video services, you sign away your rights to your material, and subject yourself to “community standards.”  What that means is someone else may decide your material violates copyright, is offensive, or just isn’t politically correct.  result:  Your material disappears.

There are alternatives.  You can exceed 10 minutes, not have your competitors advertising right along side, or on top of your work, and you are the one who owns the material and says when it’s shown and when it’s not.

If you’re interested in finding out more of what I can do to help you enter this arena, leave a comment, or contact me via email.

There’s a new world of video and audio coming our way, make sure you don’t miss the train.

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