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I’m a sucker for Beta versions…this time: Internet Explorer 9!

Today Internet Explorer 9, in beta test format, hit the web for download.

You can get it here.

Support for the next version of HyperText Markup Language 5 (HTML5).

After the install, you have to reboot. I went into freak out mode when the reboot began the Windows 7 recovery mode, butthat not being bad enough, it told me my moterhboard was not the type it actually is. Two boots did the same thing.

I powered it down, then restarted, using the BIOS pull down menu to point at my RAID0 (2 x 750GB Seagates!) and crossed my fingers. It worked. Up and running in IE9 to post this (I normally use FireFox for about everything, but hey! It’s the BETA!

I will be cloning my RAID Array to the third installed drive tonight (1.5TB)…just in case….

Oh: I pulled down the FireFox 4 beat a few weeks back. I installed it and most of my plugins (and I rely on several) were “broken,” so I limped back to FF 3.6.X for the time being.

More if I have to.