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Tuesday’s Tech Tips

Poor man’s PhotoShop: “Paint Dot Net (PDN).”

Great because:
1) Free
2) Started by some college students, still maintained and updated by now not college students
3) Free
4) All sorts of add ons for many special effects
5) Free
6) Layers!
7) Free
8) Meets the advanced (over MS Paint – that comes with Windows for Free) needs of just about everyone, without the expense of PhotoShop.

Note: Some “free” things are better than other “free” things.

Get it here: Get Paint Dot Net.

I have used this for years to make blog headers. I find a great picture, size it to the specs of the blog, then make a layer for the lettering, then a third layer for the logo. Once I have all of those pieces placed as I want them, then I save it (in layered format – to be able to edit it later if need be), then I save to a .jpg or .png format, where the layers are “flattened” for the final picture. I upload it and I’m done! It takes moments to knock out multiple headers, when you’re in the mood.