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Times Are Tough. For a Lot of People and Business.

I just read this article in the Wall Street Journal. A coffee shop owner saw something: People came for the free WiFi, but…they weren’t really helping to keep the business paid for.

That’s not just in New York, I’m sure it’s everywhere.

When Starbucks and Borders and Barnes and Noble and MacDonalds put in WiFi, I didn’t go there. for the WiFi. I went to Panera Bread. And I have all up and down the East Coast when I travel. But I will always buy at least a cup of coffee, and, if it is time to eat, usually a sandwich or bagel. I have been able to save a lot of gas, and the cost and hassle of having an AirCard with a slow connection by stopping there. And, more often than not, even if I had something to drink an hour or two earlier, I’ll still buy something when I walk in.

Don’t forget that businesses, if you are a customer (just think: They have something you need) and want them to stay open, spread a little of the wealth of what you do have around…so they still are, when things improve.