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Tuesday Tech Tips

Consider this: Every solution for a business is essentially unique, even when you are using some of the same hardware or software as the next person/company. Within what you are doing, there will be commonality, but…what suits one won’t suit all.

What got me thinking of this is a conversation that continued yesterday from a prior conversation regarding the direction the plan was to go. In the interim, the person had gone to some of the free seminars to gain some more understanding, which I appreciate, but, in the context of the specific goals of that business effort.

Here’s the deal: These groups are good for general purpose guidance, or to know what’s out there, but they can also be a source of chasing everything you hear about, while not focusing on getting your main content together and presented to the wbe viewers in a manner that you need.

At those groups, that meet at lunch, in the evening, or on a weekend, ask yourself this (if you’re tempted to go and consider it a “free” consulting opportunity): Which one of them will provide a venue to sit and ansk you about what you are trying to do, what you have tried already, what software you have, what expertise you have and such important questions that must be answered for you to be effective? Most likely, no one will provide a platform like that for free, and if they do, what’s the follow up cost? I’m willing to bet it’s not free.

As I mentioned, technology and your ideas have to merge on the digital super highway smoothly, which implies first, that you get up to speed, and two, you enter the traffic pattern without wrecking your “vehicle.”

Like just about every other thing in life, just because your friends/family do it/like/it/use it, does it mean it’s practical for you, or your tastes. In this case, how applicable to your business is it?

Put a good plan together, not just digitally, but for your whole business and then execute it. Revisit the plan and update it accordingly, just don’t launch and hope it all works out and then begin chasing every thing that crosses your path. Put the energy into getting a solid foundation, then you can consider diversifying your efforts, once the money flows.