My experience (see “About” page) has blessed me with a lot of hands on experience.

I have worked in environments for one on one with sole proprietors, to being a senior manager in the US Government. While much of my skills are self-taught, I have applied it in “real world” situations over three decades.

  • Personal training on use of computers and software to ensure the best resource is applied to each task.
  • “Rent a Chief Operating Officer (COO).”  My expertise in large and complex organizations, coupled with my use and understanding of technology allow me to be this person for you.
  • The technology “second opinion.”  When you have a plan, it’s worth making sure you’re not over buying, or under funding the project.  I can help save you money and time and double check proposals from vendors to make sure you’re getting what you need, not what they can sell you.
  • Outsourced IT Department Head.  I can plan, set up and supervise a capable organization to get you going, or to keep your operation running.
  • Full service technical contract management.  I can develop plans, find vendors, write contract solicitations, review submitted proposals, conduct source selection, and supervise the execution of contracted work.
  • Software project management.  Development of documentation for the creation/modification of software.  This includes from planning a project, to writing system and software specifications, and testing procedures.  Depending on the project, I may be able to code as well, but my preference is to find the best person, with current proficiency in the targeted language to make that happen.  I can oversee this, but I am not the working in coding daily.
  • Hardware maintenance and upgrading.  Mostly in the real of PCs and small networking systems.  If the task is for a larger system, I can manage the process, ensuring the right provider and the proper completion of work.
  • Electronics recycling planning.  Both in the proper disposal of items, and in the effective use of this market to keep essential items running, or to fill the gaps when budgets are tight.
  • Development of internal/team/organizational management tools to monitor the critical indicators of the performance of the business/operation.
  • Total Quality Management/Continuous or Process Improvement consulting.  I have worked extensively in several major projects that required a complete evaluation of the current process, planning for efficiency improvements, and implementing the new procedures, while the main operations continued to run.
  • Development and delivery of educational material.  I have developed from scratch major course, from building terminal training objectives to testing and evaluation materials.  Conducted classroom, and “in situ” on site training for large groups and individuals.
  • Consulting on use of multimedia and technology to present a polished and effective presentation.
  • Networking.  I continually seek out the best providers, with my philosophy of business, to augment what I can do for your operations.
  • Coaching in blogging.  I have many years in the field, to include the use of this method to built teams of people around the country to work together for a project.

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