Just Because I Can

Some Will Be Horrified, Others Drawn Closer…

From across the room, you wonder…”what is that?” You see no “My Computer” in the upper left side of the screen, but you see the word “Inspiron” (somehow, it is strangely familiar, but you can’t place it.

Walking closer, the screen background shows a large, powerful animal starring at you with coal black pupils, set in a wintery background.

Arrayed along the bottom of the screen are many icons, laid out as you think you may have seen before, stylish, and visually engaging, but still…you wonder what has attracted your attention.

You gaze intently:

And now you need a closer look, as you dare to be consumed by your curiosity:

OMG!!!!!1111!!1111!!!! HOW CAN IT BE!!! IT’S FREAK OF DIGITAL NATURE!!!!


Oh, yeah, and I have it…..:)

And check your calendar: It’s not April 1st and no, it’s not a PhotoShop hack job to fool you either.

On a pragmatic note: I don’t need the monster TV Studio in a 17″ laptop bag all the time. I can use something like this for about 85% of the work I do on a mobile basis and it will work fine. When I’m doing streaming video, it will certainly become an easy to haul along “monitor,” that I can use to check the viewer’s view of my video output, as well as the sound setting to make it better on the other end of the experience.

Top it off with I will have a real, live, running copy of Snow Leopard 10.6.3 (I’m told 10.6.4 isn’t stable in this environment just yet), so I can reestablish my proficiency in the Mac World, that I used to have, before being forced (under duress) to “The Dark Side!” (MS-DOS was a step back in the late 80s…before Windows was to be!).

Me? More full featured, more “on top of it” and with improved opportunities to prevent thinking I’m still young and strong. Now I’ll let the “wise” take over for a bit. This move was one of those few wise moments I have had lately.

Curious about how this happens? Read more @ Gizmodo!

Android – To the Rescue!

Google, that monstrosity, is sweeping the market.

While iPhone 4 is amazing, the Android phone OS is a juggernaut. I was looking to see if an app, like one I saw on an iPhone was in the Android market, when I stumbled upon this one, useful for extraction from bad dates, meetings, etc:

FakeCall Pro

Come on, it’s paid for, but what’s your sanity worth?


Times Are Tough. For a Lot of People and Business.

I just read this article in the Wall Street Journal. A coffee shop owner saw something: People came for the free WiFi, but…they weren’t really helping to keep the business paid for.

That’s not just in New York, I’m sure it’s everywhere.

When Starbucks and Borders and Barnes and Noble and MacDonalds put in WiFi, I didn’t go there. for the WiFi. I went to Panera Bread. And I have all up and down the East Coast when I travel. But I will always buy at least a cup of coffee, and, if it is time to eat, usually a sandwich or bagel. I have been able to save a lot of gas, and the cost and hassle of having an AirCard with a slow connection by stopping there. And, more often than not, even if I had something to drink an hour or two earlier, I’ll still buy something when I walk in.

Don’t forget that businesses, if you are a customer (just think: They have something you need) and want them to stay open, spread a little of the wealth of what you do have around…so they still are, when things improve.