Android – To the Rescue!

Google, that monstrosity, is sweeping the market.

While iPhone 4 is amazing, the Android phone OS is a juggernaut. I was looking to see if an app, like one I saw on an iPhone was in the Android market, when I stumbled upon this one, useful for extraction from bad dates, meetings, etc:

FakeCall Pro

Come on, it’s paid for, but what’s your sanity worth?


Computer Problems: An Easy Fix is…

Found on a forum “out there” on the net. Sage advice:

If none of that works, purchase a Handy Allpurpose Multi Matic Electronic Repair tool (H.A.M.M.E.R) from your hardware store, or for more advanced repair options, get a Sychronous Linear Electronic Distribution of G-force Energy Handy Allpurpose MultiMatic Electronic Repair tool(S.L.E.D.G.E.H.A.M.M.E.R).

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Death by PowerPoint

Presenters take heed!

Really. I might have to sit through one of your presentations…

[youtube qXQ-cmduLnA]

Someone Has Computer Problems…

And their whispering didn’t work too well:

[youtube FJ4A0aaaOAw]

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