LapLink – 30 years and still creating great products!

And they have a laptop giveaway promotion to celebrate!

I first used LapLink itself (it was their only product back then) in late in 1992. I had a Mac IIcx, and a soon to be 3 co-worker had spent a year creating a document d integrated graphics for the previous year. They had done the work on a Mac II using MacWrite and when the hard copy was shown to their boss, he said “put it WordPrefect and send it out to everyone!”

It was an amazing document, with the flow charts right with the descriptions (I know, old news now)…but they didn’t know what they were going to do. They sat down with a person in their company, with a Masters in Computer Science and were told they couldn’t convert the file….it was incompatible.

Thay next solicited the advice of an organization who were the local experts for small computer use (who actually turned out their newsletters using a Mac, and were once more told “incompatible.

As they told of their journey to find a way to save three man years of effort, I asked them to bring in the 3.5″ floppy the next morning early.

We arrived as planned. I had brought my Mac iicx in. 13″ monitor and all, and plugged in the floppy. In the left column, I selected “MacWrite” in the right column, I selected “WordPerfect.’ Clicked the start/continue button and we sat there for 20 minutes discussing the upcoming reorganization. The floppy popped out and I handed it to them, saying “here you are, but remember, it’s incompatible (with a smile)!” Just to check, I told them, go try it in my 386 (with Windows 3.1 and WordPrefect.

They did and they gasped when it all came up on the screen as they scrolled through page after page after page of they work, all properly formatted….They looked in astonshiment and said “how did you do that?” I told them I couldn’t have, the experts said it couldn’t be done,

Most recently I moved my entire software setup from one system to my new build using PCMover. Worked like a charm! Considering the hundreds of programs I use/have tested/keep around for a rainy day in my industry, the 8 hour investment (I let it work over night as I slept!) was well worth the cost of the software. Only a few serial numbers had to be reentered.

LapLink: They solve real world problems, now for 30 years!

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