FireFox 4.0 beta ia out!

I enjoy living in the beta world of software. I have rarely come across really bad betas, and I get to know what’s coming “our” way before other begin using it.

Today I installed FireFox 4.0 (beta), meaning the released for testing by people outside of the development place in order to get feedback.

I’m glad I can still get into my FireFox 3.6.X install, too.

Not because FF 4 is bad, but I have bvecome accustomed to using many add on functions, called “plug ins” in FireFox and with the move up to 4.0(b), most all of the plugins I had installed didn’t work. Several of those I very much rely on, so 4.0(b) is a non-starter for me. It does have a nicer look, and I’m sure some improvements “under the hood,” but I need a few of the plugins to be updated for operating in 4.0 before I completely migrate to the newer version.

If you want to join me out “on the edge,” you can download FireFox 4.0(b), you can get it at this link. Enjoy!

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