Tuesday Tech Tips

Another Tuesday, another opportunity to talk “tech.”

The world is changing rapidly. Not only in the technology that allows us to do amazing things. but how we use it. eMail is actually becoming yesterday’s news. Many haven’t gotten the memo, but it’s true. Social Media sites and their connectivity tools are becoming eMail 2.0. Trust me, keep an eye on that trend, and the smart marketeer will make sure they are positioned to take advantage of the methods.

Will you have to learn some more things? Oh, yes, but….what haven’t you had to learn along the way in life?

Hardware is shifting. I’m now connected with Liberty International because of their WOW Mobile cell phones. Guess what? It’s not actually a cell phone anymore, it’s a small computer and you now are sending your voice over VOIP, just like you do with your Brighthouse/ComCast/Vonage phone.

Speaking of Wow Mobile (ask me for details, you can actually get your all you can talk.surf/text and connect) bill covered by referrals!), it works on 3G GSM formatted networks. It will will also work on 4G (4th Generation) networks. Haven’t heard of those? That’s a technology coming soon (and in a few cities now) based on Wi-Max service, which is longer ranged and faster wireless data connections. Sprint bought Wi-Max a few years back and they are now rolling it out in major cities. With Wi-Max, you have the capability of surfing at speeds you’re used to at home, connected via hardwires. Consider the possibilites there for really going mobile.

Consider the computing power being crammed into the form factor of a cell phone, rivalling what we called “desktop” computers a few years ago. And it’s getting better faster. For those old enough, the Dick Tracy wrist watch will be far more than a communications device, and probably smaller soon. And don’t forget about display technology, where they are even forging ahead with implants for you eye. Dude! You can be watching the game during meetings! Oh, sorry, you can be reviewing the applicable spreadsheet to make intelligent comments on at the meeting…

Apple, the leader in making “You can’t do that” possible, has put in for a patent on multi-touch surfaces, where it can even distinguish between different people’s hands on the surface, so responses are customized.

reuslting from that will be new ways we communicate with the ultra small computing devices that allow us this capability. Think virtual keyboard and also…get ready…mind control of your typing! Yes, it’s now been done on Twitter by a man who has devoted much time to figuring out how to sense the mind’s waves and direct them. Think of the implications for the disabled….a whole new world awaits them!

The future is heading our way faster and faster and getting more affordable. Overlay that with our instant gratification desires and know your customers will soon be expecting constant and instant contact with you. That, in and of itself, will present an entirely new set of challenges for appropriate behavior (and how to manage and pay employees) in the near future.

So…keep your ears and eyes open and don’t miss the boat!

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