Tuesday Tech Tips

“BSOD” – Blue Screen of Death to all too many of us with Windows of some variant.

Cause: Depends. How old is your computer? Are your drivers up to date?

If it’s not a very old computer, it could be divers. If you’ve gotten your mileage out of it,then it may be something as simple as your memory chips, like a metal hanger, have been flexed so often they have broken connections way down in the chips from heating/cooling cycles over the years.

And then again, it could be something more substantial, like a motherboard chip going bad.

Does it happen in regular intervals? Does it happen when you do the same thing, such as opening picture files or playing videos?

If it happens, it could be anything from a few minutes to download and reinstall drivers, or a trip to the local computer parts store and complete re-install of Windows.

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