Hello World!

Welcome to my website, presented in the form us a blog!

I’ve had been elbow deep into blogging for almost 5 years now, which has become the latest niche of the computer world I have learned in detail. My idea will be to use this format to provide clients and maybe not clients who stumble across the blog, with useful information, targeted towards helping computer users, which includes just about everybody anymore, turn their electronics into the true digital assistants they have been built to be.

Probably the most effective means of explaining computers to others has been to point out that computers just do what we used to do with pencils and paper. When you look at those boxes, on or under your desk, that frustrates you many times, just know a few things:

  • They only do what people tell them to do
  • The person who tells them to do what they do can be not just you, but, in many cases, the programmers
  • When that bank employee, or “help” person on the phone tells you “the computer did it,” you may properly tell them they are lying. Some programmer did it, that which messed with your balance.
  • Hey, it’s just 1s and 0s moving around….

I look forward to working with those who, be they individuals, or companies, or even corporations, who desire to learn of the Unkonwn of the Unknown.”

That may be hard to grasp, but there is so much the computers can do, but so many haven’t any idea what they might even be able to do to to help them communicate, or show them the metrics of their business to just keeping track of stores of information that will assist them in making sound decisions in their work day.

Make a note of coming around Tuesdays, to get things rolling, and look for a series “Tuesdays Teachings.”

And in between those postings, I’ll see you around the networking circuit!

Comments are always appreciated and welcomed. Watch for future developments of discussion forums on this site to provide another level of interplay between visitors.

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