Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel you aren’t using your computers, software, email, website and social media effectively?
  • Do you find that little of your business work is done using your computer(s)?
  • Are you sending out information for your prospects or clients in an electronic newsletter?
  • Do you lose time by having to deliver the same information regularly to prospects and clients?
  • Is your customer contact more effectively done face-to-face, but you can’t afford the time to get to them?
  • Do you conduct seminars or training that requires you to rent/lease meeting rooms?

It’s not complicated, you just need a plan.

There are 4 major elements of your technical business operations these days. It is all too easy to think that next software package, or web service will provide you with the breakthrough capability to move your business to the next level, but it takes planning.
A good business plan lays out the path to the goal for the viability of your product or service, the market you’ll be working to gain, the overhead costs, the marketing plans, and the physical aspects necessary, such as office space, computers, phones, email, etc. What is largely missed is the next step of that plan: HOW to make that happen, when all the material, equipment and services are contracted for or delivered.

Without thoroughly considering the 4 elements of the technical operations (people, hardware, software and the Internet), you’re most likely not getting the most out of the equipment and services as you need to. By looking at your operations and determining the appropriate business functions that you can turn over to the computer/software/Internet tools, you will find you can spend more time generating revenue.

Appropriate is a key word here. It’s not as easy as emulating the practice that someone mentioned at a networking meeting, or you read about on the Internet. Such changes to your operations may actually cost you more in time, if it’s not figured into the many other things you are using.

Plan the work, work the plan!

Contact us for a 1 hour complimentary consulting session to see where you might find how to turn your computers and software and websites and social media into full time digital assistants that:

  • Never need a day off;
  • Will never embezzle your money;
  • Won’t try to take your business over;
  • Will work the “Third Shift” like it is any other;
  • Won’t need health care, disability insurance and taxes;
  • And will always represent you exactly as you would!

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